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  • Innovation Faire and Dome

    Two years ago when we went to the 2015 World Championships, there was a Thursday afternoon free so that we could visit the Innovation Faire, watch FRC, visit the FLL pits and generally be part of the whole World's experience.

    Looking at this year's St. Louis schedule, I don't see that time carved out for the team to attend the innovation and college faire, or be part of the big events and exhibitions at the dome. Is this going to be added on? It was a very important piece of the world's experience!

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    Hi SilverLady,

    The full schedule will be sent to teams this week. In St. Louis on Thursday, each division will have a 2 hour lunch break. Depending on what a team's match schedule looks like, there should be time on Thursday for a trip to the Innovation Faire and Scholarship Row. There will be some time on Friday, after the Awards Ceremony at the Peabody for teams to visit the America's Center as well.