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  • Waitlist

    Just some questions regarding the waitlist if anyone could weigh in! Thanks!

    Have any teams received invitations to Worlds via the waitlist?
    If you signed up for the waitlist did you get an e-mail letting you know either way if you got in or not?
    For those of you that have received an e-mail stating you would get in did that e-mail arrive on the day that FIRST said it would?
    If you signed up and then decline do they then open it up to someone else?

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    Hi CoachZM,

    Teams have been receiving their wait list invitations one day late, so instead of receiving an invitation on the Tuesday following the Super Regional for their area, teams in the East, South, and West received their invitations on the Wednesday following the Super-Regional.
    Teams did not receive an email telling them that they have not been selected.
    For each Super Region, we drew 30 teams from the list, and listed them in the order they were drawn. We sent invitations to the first 20 teams drawn. The remaining 10 teams drawn are alternate teams. If a wait list team declines their invitation, we move to the next team on the wait list.

    If your team applied to the wait list, and you'd like to know if they have been selected, or if they are on the alternate list, please send an email to [email protected].