Instructions for submitting Promote and Compass videos for Worlds, from an FTC facebook post:

"Instructions for submitting Promote and Compass Award Videos for 2016 World Championship

1) Be sure to read the criteria for the Compass and Promote Awards in the Game Manual Part I.
2) Sign up for a account (up to 2GB of free and secure online storage).
3) Create a folder and name it with your team number and the award it will contain (i.e. 1234 Promote or 1234 Compass). Upload your video into this folder.
4) CRITICAL STEP!: Video naming structure needs to be as follows: “team#_promote/compass_world” (i.e. “team1234_compass_world”)
5) Share your folder with [email protected]. FTC staff will accept the invitation and download your video.
6) Be sure to submit your Compass and Promote videos to the FTC staff NO LATER than Friday, April 8, 2016."