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Format of World championship 2014

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  • Format of World championship 2014

    I am a volunteer with this FTC team.
    We are fairly recent in our FTC efforts. I know that the format has been changed for the season 2013-14. There are super-regional events held in the US. As far as I understand there are about 20 teams per region and there are 4 regional events held.

    I would like to know as how many international slots are available. I would appreciate any information on the number of invites that may be sent out to
    countries such as Australia, India. Are there any Asia Pasific events planned?

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    I think each country gets at least 2 spots. I know that Mexico gets 2, because someone was complaining about it on Chief Delphi :/
    Lead programmer for FTC team #6424, the 'Oly Cow.