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Problems opening .asm and .step files in Creo 2.0

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  • Problems opening .asm and .step files in Creo 2.0

    I am trying to build our Tetrix robot using Creo 2.0 academic. I looked at the two websites suggested for pre-CAD'ed parts and assemblies and I downloaded several items; an Omni wheel and a bushing from and a 4 inch Stealth Wheel from

    I was able to open .prts from (such as the bushing) but NOT .asm (Omni wheel)... I would click "open" and Creo View Express would open but would not show the Omni Wheel itself.

    I also tried opening the Stealth Wheel from but an alert window would open up saying "The given input file is not supported by Creo View. Refer to Creo View Clients and Toolkits Software Matrix on for the supported versions or files."

    I tried re-downloading all the items that would not open but they still won't work. From what I understand I am unable to open the Andymark item because I don't have the correct program that the .step file works with. Is that correct?

    I am perfectly fine with just using for the items I need but I don't understand why the omniwheel.asm won't open... Ideas?

    Hopefully this all makes sense!

    'Lectric Legends

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    What Creo program are you trying to create the robot in, Creo View?

    When I work on a robot, I create everything using Creo Parametric. In there, you can open up any part. For the Andymark Parts, I open up the .step files, and then save a copy of it as a Creo file. From there I can use it in any assembly that I want to create.
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      I have been building everything in Creo Parametric. But to open the .step file I was double clicking on the icon instead of going to Creo Parametric and opening it from there. I successfully opened the .step file following your instructions, Thank you.


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        I am very new to all this so it's kind of a trial and error... Your help is greatly appreciated

        'Lectric Legends