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  • Vuforia License Question

    You don't want your Vuforia license key in GitHub (for obvious reasons)

    I am wondering how most teams handle this. What we are doing right now (could be better) is that we have a license.xml inside of TeamCode/src/res/values/ with that added to .gitignore so it won't be in our GitHub. But we use a number of different computers which means we have to create that license.xml file on each one. (We have a license.xml.template but we can't put it in that directory or it makes the build system unhappy so it is in our TeamCode/src/main/java/org/firstinspires/ftc/teamcode directory with directions on how to copy it.)

    Is there an easy way to have the license key loaded on the phone so we can just put a file there?

    What do other teams do?

    Thanks in advance,

    Coach FTC #16072, Quantum Quacks