Just like you can select the Rev Robotics 40:1 or 20:1 in the robot configuration, what do you do to make a new one with a different gear ratio show up?

It looks like it needs the following - but I don't know where to put it.

@MotorType(ticksPerRev=1120, gearing=20, maxRPM=300, orientation=Rotation.CCW)
@DeviceProperties(xmlTag="RevRobotics20HDHexMotor", name="@string/rev_20_hd_hex_name", builtIn = true)
@DistributorInfo(distributor="@string/rev_distributor", model="REV-41-1301", url="http://www.revrobotics.com/rev-41-1301")
public interface RevRobotics20HdHexMotor { }
(I want to add the 13.7:1 GoBilda to the list. I know this isn't technically needed but I like the idea of being able to query the class for the motor type information. )

Thanks in advance,

Coach FTC #16072