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Syncing Two Motors to one Button

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  • Syncing Two Motors to one Button

    Our team wants to sync two motors to one joystick, however we don't know how to do so. We are all new to this, and are working with block programming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    We don't use blocks, so I'm not sure on the programming end. There may be a possibility there. If you don't want to control the motors individually, there is a mechanical solution you may want to consider. You can splice the connecting cables, so that they plug into one port. Actually, we spliced some last year for basically the same purpose, but there may be adapters that split the cable into two sections. If available, that would probably be the better option. If not, splicing does work.


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      Not sure what you mean by syncing. But if you want to drive two motor by same joystick then just set joystick value in setPower for both motor.


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        When you are trying to move two motors when it comes to driving in teleop just make sure that both of the motors are controlled by one button and it will sync properly. There is no extra programming involved. In auto just make a method that will control the number of drive motors you have so when you are wanting to move the robot forward it will move together so it will move exactly straight.

        There is no hardware needed for syncing two motors.