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Continuous Rotation Servo Question

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  • Continuous Rotation Servo Question

    We've programmed our continuous rotation servo with the following code:
    if (gamepad1.left_stick_x>0.5) {
    {belt.setPosition(0); }}
    if (gamepad1.left_stick_x<-0.5) {
    {belt.setPosition(1.00); }}

    It moves spins freely in the 1.00 position (forward), but it pulses in the 0 position (reverse). It stops fine in the 0.5 position. Does anyone know why it doesn't spin free in the 0.00 position? We've put the continuous rotation servo on the x and y buttons and the bumpers, but it doesn't moves as freely on those.

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    The way you've written your if statements has two separate blocks. Watch your braces!!

    if >0.5 then set 0

    if <-0.5 then set 1 else set 0.5

    So when >0.5, the first if executes and sets the position to 0, then, the second if/else block executes and ends up resetting position to 0.5. The result is pulsing (being set to 0, then to 0.5, and repeating)
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      So, I wan't to clarify. For a continuous rotation servo, 1 is forward, 0 is backward, and 0.5 is stop. Correct?


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        Incorrect. Something close to 0.5 is stop and will vary between servos. Alternatively, with the CRServo class you can treat it similar to a motor and the SDK will find the magic value which is stop.