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New FTC RobotController App??

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  • New FTC RobotController App??

    The latest FTC Robot Controller app seems to be very different than last year and we had a few questions?

    1. Is it required for us to use the latest app this season or can we use last year's app?
    We have our competition next week. Is it too late to upgrade?

    2. Is there any training available for members like us - who is migrating from last year on delta topics ? For example, does OpMode still work?

    3. Will it continue to work with last year's ZTE Speed phone?

    4. Specific Question:
    - Do we have to use LinearOpMode for tele-op & autonomous or OpMode will continue to work for tele-op and autonomous?

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    1. Not sure, but I would strongly recommend upgrading. There is a long list of improvements. If you decide to upgrade, I would recommend keeping your old project the same and starting a new project, then copying in required code. That way you can revert if necessary.

    2. It's not very different, the main thing is the @Teleop and @Autonomous annotations for registering OpModes. There's a lot of threads on the forum about this topic.

    3. Yes.

    4. No. You may use either OpMode for Autonomous or Teleop as you wish.


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      I can answer one of your questions: The ZTE Speed phones are supported and approved for this year's game.


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        Thank you for the feedback. We were able to majority of upgrade in about 6 hrs (included AndroidStudio installation). We did use a complete separate phone and laptop to be safe.
        We encountered one issue with ENCODER code, we were using motorcontroller class for setting encoder attributes. That gave compile error. Changing that motor class attributes - worked.

        We haven't used start (), init_loop () or stop () methods yet. we need to find out what are those methods for? and do we really need to use? Any help on this area will be appreciated.


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          start() is called immediately before loop() is called for the first time. A common thing to put there is resetting the integrator for the gyro.

          init_loop() is called similar to how loop() is, but after init() and before start(). If you have sensors that calibrate, you might display their status in telemetry during this period.

          stop() is called when the "stop" button on the driver station is pushed, or when the app attempts to stop your code. A common usage for this would be to set motors / servos to a certain position.