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Sensing Minerals with Color Sensor

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  • Sensing Minerals with Color Sensor

    We are having challenges with sensing the difference between cubes and balls with our REV Color Sensor. When the robot is closer to the mineral, the RGB values of the ball are higher and when we are farther away from the minerals, the cube RGB values are higher. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sense the minerals accurately no matter how far the robot is away from the minerals in sampling in autonomous.

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    It will be tough as I think rgb values is combination of all the colors that color sensor can see in its field of vision. You can try HSV or design some kind of an arm that can extend and sense color. I wish Vuforia object scanner works but there are challenges in that too. We tried Pixy and it works fine but we need to test with different lighting conditions. Best option is OpenCV with GRIP ( FRC) or DogeCV


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      We used the color sensor last season but our experience is the sensor has to be very close to the object, even 2 inches away could be too far. I agree with FTC12676, it'll be hard to use.


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        It's difficult with color sensor. But if you can get close enough you can use the distance sensor from the REV color sensor to know it's close enough before measuring the color. Like what other people mentioned above, HSV is a better way to go.