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Robot Controller PID settings?

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  • Robot Controller PID settings?

    Is there a document that explains the available motor controller settings (PID parameters) available via the Device Discovery tool?

    We noticed the default settings are for the Matrix motors (which seems like a small minority of US teams) and indeed the AndyMark/Tetrix settings perform very differently using a 'run_using_encoders' mode. ie the robot drives much slower.

    Are these settings available to the ftc controller app? If we borrow or change out a motor controller during a competition it'd be a pain (and more than likely overlooked) to have to readjust settings with the core device tool first.

    Thanks for the help.

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    If you click on "Matrix", lo and behold a list of Matrix, Tetrix, AndyMark, and Custom Configuration appears. Select one and the numbers ( P, I, D, Ratio) changes. P, I, D are most likely what you would expect except look a little odd for typical PID factors.

    RATIO would logically be gear ratio but Andymark doesn't match any of the standard ratios. Any thoughts?

    Also posted on thread "Feature Request for SDK: Ganged Motors"


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      yes, when we changed the matrix default setting to the Andymark/Neverest, our driving routines seemed to be running about half the previous speed. Nothing fancy, just applying equal power to both wheels, looking at the encoder counts for a single wheel to stop. no run to position, just a run using encoders.

      So we are wondering what the benefits of the different weights are, or how they came up with them. Wouldn't the PID be affected by wheel size, wheel type, or other factors?


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        I couldn't get the custom settings to be saved. Has anybody tried that and been successful?


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          Make sure you have downloaded the newest version of the core discovery program. I believe this was a problem with a prior version if I am remembering correctly.