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90 Degree turn HELP!!!

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  • 90 Degree turn HELP!!!

    We are trying to use the REV IMU (Gyro) to make a 90 degree turn but have never used a gyro before. The sample programs provided work and we can see the heading when we manually move the robot but have no idea how to use the heading to make a turn and have it stop when it reaches 90 degrees! we see the example of a gyro turn using the MR sensor but cant figure out how to use the REV IMU in the same way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I expect you're using Java but I've used Blocks to create an op mode that uses the REV gyro to move forward and then turn right. You can download the BLK file using the link below and then upload it after using your laptop and web browser to log into your Robot Controller and navigate to the Blocks screen. Here's the link