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balancing on bridge in autonomous

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  • balancing on bridge in autonomous

    we have had problems trying to balancing on the bridge during autonomous but have seen other groups do it with ease. is there some kind of sensor your can get for balancing or has anyone found other ways?

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    My team has our robot balancing by simply going forwards a pre-measured distance onto the bridge. For example, our robot balances when it drives 31 inches onto the bridge. As we are having issues with the DC encoders, we measured how many inches our robot went in one second and used that to calculate how long a certain distance would take. If the robot went 10 inches per second at 75% motor power, for example, you could use something like this:

    void driveForwards (int distance)
    int time;
    int time = distance * 100;
    motor[driveRight] = 75;
    motor[driveLeft] = 75;
    motor[driveRight] = 0;
    motor[driveLeft] = 0;

    Hope this helps!

    FTC Team 4187 Byte Riders


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      Sensors that you can use that can help:
      Light sensor - there's a white line on the centerline of the bridge
      Accelerometer - this is basically a tiltmeter... note that it also measures acceleration - so fast, abrupt movements are a bad choice for this.

      There are others and there are combinations that can be used together, but that's a great starting point!


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        thanks i'll try both those ideas


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          We would suggest using the color sensor mounted at your robots center of gravity. The light sensor will work well on the blue bridge but it has trouble seeing the different between red and the white line.