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Newbie testing the joystick

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  • Newbie testing the joystick

    Hi we're a new team, so apologies if this is a basic question. we are able to program in autonomous mode. Samantha appears to be working ok. I can see my robot and start the game.

    Once I am connected with Samantha, I run my sample joystick program on my NXT. Then I press START on the FTC Samantha client.

    I get no response when I try to use the joystick. Its in the USB port on the laptop as Driver 1. I'm simply trying the sample program for ROBOTC for the joystick.

    Is there a step I am missing or how should I be activating the joystick to move forward and reverse?

    Thanks for any help.I'm trying to post to the FTC forum but we're missing permissions to post there. I am hoping to get that resolved shortly.

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    Well if you're using Samo FCS the first thing that should come up when you open a program is the setup joysticks window. When you're there press the buttons on the joysticks you want when the team and driver is selected.
    -T-REX team 2944


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      Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I can select the joystick as red team driver 1 in the FCS. I can then press a button on the joystick and see the button change on that screen.
      My question is how to create/run my program so that the joystick controls the robot.
      I have downloaded and compiled the joystick.c program to the NXT. I then run the program on the NXT. It asks me to press START on the FTC which I do. The program runs. But no joystick buttons work.
      So my question is... the joystick seems to work. The program compiles and downloads. How do I get the joystick to work by using the program downloaded to the NXT.


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        Take a look at the RobotC help file, read the "Contents->TETRIX / FTC->Joystick Control->Using Buttons & Using Joysticks" sections, those explain how to use the joystick axises and buttons in detail.

        Another thing, have you set up the program chooser on your robot? That also could be the problem. If you haven't, all you have to do is go on your NXT's menu, run "Try Me->Program Chooser" and then select your tele-op program. If you haven't done this, the FCS wont know which program to run at the start of teleop.


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          Thank you. I finally got it! Appreciate all the help.