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Joystick mapping issues with Labview, programming the buttons

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  • Joystick mapping issues with Labview, programming the buttons

    When we run the FCS, the motor voltages are being mapped to the arrow keypad rather than the joystick knob. How do you change this?
    How do you program the buttons in Labview, say to operate an arm. There doesn't seem to be a 'If' statement in Labview.
    team 4241

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    Well, you can use the d-pad instead of the left joystick by pressing the "mode" button on the controllers, but I'm not sure if that's your question or not. FCS won't register when you press any other button besides the 10 main controller buttons (if you press the joysticks down they are buttons, too, but I'm not sure if FCS recognizes them or not).

    In Labview, the "case structure" is the "if statement." To program a button, you first drag the "read" block from the FTC Toolkit into your program. Then you wire it up to the "Read" block from the FTC Toolkit. Then under the "structures" submenu under the NXT Programming tab of the functions palette. You should see when you drag a wire from the "read", it will be green. Attach this to the green question mark of the case structure, which will be the condition to check. You can choose whether to run it when it's true or false, and you can edit the cases for both of them.

    Hope this helps!
    -T-REX team 2944


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      could you post a picture of what this looks like, i'm having trouble understanding. thanks for your help if you can.


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        -T-REX team 2944