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  • Motor Issues

    Hi guys. We are team 2944 and this is our 3rd year doing FTC, but our first year using LabView. We're trying to make a motor move an arm using buttons, but whenever we run it it gets very choppy. We've tried using different speed levels and switching between constant speed and constant power, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help with this???
    -T-REX team 2944

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    What you could try is to have a power-ramping system in which you gradually accelerate the motor in the direction you desire and accelerate the opposite direction likewise. To do this, you would make the joystick values be processed and binded to an acceleration variable by which you add to and derive your motor "velocity". Also, don't forget to have "friction" added too so that your motor stops if you are not giving any joystick valuesFor example:

    float friction = 0.2;
    float acc = processedjoystickvalue / 128 * 2;
    motor[yourmotor] += acc;
    motor[yourmotor] = sgn(motor[yourmotor]) * max(0, abs(motor[yourmotor]) - friction)
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      Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, we're using LabView instead of RobotC, so things are a bit different. But our drivers decided they could work with it, since it's only an arm motor. But thanks for the help, anyway.
      -T-REX team 2944


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        Did you guys figure out this problem? Our team is having the same issue. If you did I would love to know your solution.
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          Well, we mixed up two motors and when we tested it like that it worked just fine, but we haven't had time to switch them and see if it is now working. Um, did you try restarting absolutely everything? I don't know if that will work, but it's a suggestion. Our next meeting is Monday, and I'll let you know what happens.
          -T-REX team 2944


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            Wow, sorry, we've been really busy preparing for a competition we totally forgot to post again. Well, the motor is fixed, but I don't know what we did. Um, try upping the power, that might work.
            -T-REX team 2944