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Saving Programs to NXT

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    Thanks so much for the information. We realized at the end of our last meeting that we needed to download the programs and now we are able to see the software files on the NXT brick.

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  • FTC2818

    I'm assuming you are using LabVIEW.. Yes?

    It sounds like you are running the NXT in "Direct Mode". In this mode the program is actually running on the PC, and it's "driving" the NXT.

    What you really want is to compile the program and download it on the NXT.

    To do this you need to "Target to NXT".
    This is easy to do.

    Once you have your program up on the PC screen, and the NXT connected, use the menu at the top of the page and select:

    FILE / Target to NXT

    When you do this, look at the bottom left corner of the window, and notice the small white box will go orange and show your NXT's name.

    Now when you hit the "Run" arrow, it will compile and download the program.
    It will have the same name as your "on screen" VI

    Note: Before you do the download, you may need to clear off some space on the NXT.
    When it was running in "Direct" mode, LabVIEW downloaded a large program called "SHELL" onto the NXT.
    Use the NXT screen to select and delete (send to trash) this program.

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  • jedutra
    started a topic Saving Programs to NXT

    Saving Programs to NXT


    We have been able to compile and download programs to the NXT brick, but we are not able to save them for later recall. Once they are run and we exit the program, we are not able to find them again on the NXT unit without re-downloading. What are we doing wrong?

    Thanks very much,

    Team 4231