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Required NXT Programs?

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  • Required NXT Programs?

    There are a number of programs resident on the NXT that take up needed program storage space. Which of these programs are required to operate the NXT and which can be deleted? For example; DemoV2.rxe, ProgramChooser.rxe, Faceclosed.ric, Woops.rso, Startup.rso and NVConfig.sys are some (not all) of the programs on our NXT. It is certain that not all of these are needed, while some are essential. Which is which and what is the minimum set of programs required?

    Thanks for your help...

    Boson Subatomic Particles (Team 3658)
    Eureka, MO

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    Re: Required NXT Programs?

    Which programming language are you using? We use RobotC, which compresses its programs to save space on the brick, providing significant memory savings over LabView and NXT-G.

    The .rtm (robot try me) .ric, (robot icon) and .rso (robot sound) files are not necessary. The Try Me files are little programs for demonstrating the sensors included in the kit. You can get more functionality from the NXT's view function--albeit in a less fun package. Faceopen.ric and Faceclosed.ric are images of a LEGO MiniFig head used in the touch sensor Try Me program, and can be safely deleted. We'd recommend keeping the !Click.rso file, it doesn't take up much space and makes you buttons click pleasantly.

    Now for the .rxe (robot executable) files. DemoV2.rxe is a nice demonstration of the NXT's functionality, but it only works on the LEGO robot from the Mindstorms kit. It's not useful for TETRIX robots and takes up quite a bit of space and can be safely deleted. ProgramChooser.rxe generates the FTCConfig.txt file, which is important for proper integration with the Field Control System, and is required by <R10>. You'll also want to make sure you have a copy of samostat (samostat.rxe) for administrating you Samantha module, as per <R9>. Other than those two, you only need your autonomous and teleop .rxe programs.

    The .sys (system) files serve internal purposes and cannot be deleted.

    The only other file you might want to have on there is team.gif for identifying your robot on the scoreboard.

    Good luck!
    Artificial Stupidity