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Open Source Code courtesy of FTC team 252

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  • Open Source Code courtesy of FTC team 252

    On behalf of team 252 I'd like to let you know (and encourage you to let the other FTC teams know) that we are open sourcing our code from this and last year. It includes some handy things like a scrollable onscreen log. The other thing that we encourage other teams to look at is the source code in general as it is very well documented and It is out hope that it might help other teams and maybe then can learn something from it. I hope that it is a useful resource!!

    Team leader - team 252

    This is all our robot's code from last year and will contain it from this year. It is well documented and it is our hope that other teams can learn from it. It also contains some useful user interface elements for troubleshooting on the nxt itself.

    The location of the code repository (we will be using this so it will be updated quite frequently). The link is:

    This includes last years code as well in a directory labeled something 2010-2011 final if I remember correctly. I would also be happy to provide teams with help using git, github, or accessing that code at this email. If there is enough interest I would be happy to either do a workshop on git or a writeup on how to use it.

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    If anyone has a question or wants to get in touch with us we can be contacted at [email protected]

    Hope this helps you
    Team 252


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      wow this is very impressive! how much experience has your software lead had to document this so professionally?