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3D Printing of Parts

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  • 3D Printing of Parts

    I am looking to start my (first year) team learning to make some 3D printed parts. I noticed that many teams have done this for things like picking up blocks and balls last year. Now I am looking for some guidance in getting started. Any tips appreciated with some starting questions:
    • How thick should the walls be for a box to pickup/hold balls and cubes from last year?
    • Is it better to print any servo mounting directly in the part, or to add that using a purchased mount?
    While I get letting the youth experiment on this, at the same time there is some reality that if they are to be able to compete they will need to stand on the work that has gone before.

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    In case anyone is wondering I tried to print using 2 mm thick walls. They are probably fine for light work, but I would think that for competition thicker walls, or some reinforcement in places would be in order.


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      What material team uses for 3D printing? PLA or PETG?