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Cheaper to buy phones outside of FIRST?

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  • Cheaper to buy phones outside of FIRST?

    Question from a rookie coach:

    It seems to me that the control set is
    2 Moto E4 XT phone. ($78 on Amazon)
    2 Moto E4 XT case. ($9 on Amazon)
    USB hub (Monoprice - same one they have pictured: $7.56)
    2 Micro USB OTG adapter (2 pack on Amazon for $6.99)
    USB 2.0 Male to Mini-B 5pin cable (Amazon - $5.99)

    Or (78 x 2) + (9 x 2) + 8 + 7 + 6 = $195. ($219 for the Dashboard one)

    Am I misunderstanding something?

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    When I was looking as we prepared to jump in, I noticed that availability and pricing seemed to change in less than a week. Keep in mind that one is trying to have very steady prices because many teams have purchase approval processes that stretch out for quite a bit.

    When I just checked, I couldn't quickly find the phone you mentioned on Amazon. Not doubting you did at all. Just that some don't want to spend many hours to save $24. If you have them saved I would say go for it.