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  • Encoder wire gage

    We are using goBILDA motors. I saw on RE14 for Rover Ruckus that the "motor control" wiring has established specifications:

    j. Power, motor control, servo, encoder, and sensor wires and their connectors may be extended, modified, custom made, or COTS subject to the following constraints:
    i. Power wires are 18 AWG or larger.
    ii. Motor control wires as follows:
    ii 22 AWG or larger for TETRIX Max 12V DC motors and REV Robotics Core Hex (REV-41-1300) 12V DC motors
    ii 18 AWG or larger for all other 12V DC motors

    I understand that last season is over, and there will be a new set of rules for the next season. I hope that the GDC does specifically make sure they address all current manufacturers of motors. I am a little surprised that no one asked in the official forums for a rule clarification last year, unless I missed it.

    I don't know if you have ever tried making JST-PH and XH connectors, but there is no way you are getting an 18AWG wire in those.

    According to this page, PH connectors should use AWG 32-24, so 22 is even pushing the envelope a little.
    XH connectors have similar specs:

    Or am I the one that needs calibration? Is it possible to make JST PH & XH connectors with 18 AWG wire? Was there official clarification last year that I missed?