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Keep those wheels from falling off

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  • Keep those wheels from falling off

    Those D-axles! Grrr....

    I've tried blue locktite, and that doesn't seem to be the solution. I don't think it is so much the set screw backing out, but more of the set screw slowly mushrooming where it contacts the shaft, eventually to the point where the set screw doesn't contact the shaft very good and the wheel can fall off. And then you can't get the setscrew out because of the mushrooming damage.

    What has your team done to ensure the wheels don't fall off?

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    I've got my team putting two hubs back to back so 2 set screws share the load. You have to drill out some of the hub mounting holes to clearance diameter.
    Other ideas I've tried to promote -
    Support the axles on both sides of the wheel.
    Using a gear or sprocket on the wheel means you don't transfer torque with a set screw at the wheel, but you still have to deal with it at the motor.
    Move to Actobotics to use D-hubs and clamping D-hubs.