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  • 3805Mentor
    Game Manual part 1, RE10 states any servo compatible with the attached servo controller. It is limited to 6 volts and must have the 3 wire connector. Teams should have documentation showing that you do not exceed manufacturers specs.

    The servos you listed work with 6 volts.
    The Rev Hub guide states its servo ports are 5 volts. Many servos work in a range of voltages starting under 5 and go above 6. Your's start at 6 volts.

    The Rev Hub Expansion guide states that you cannot exceed 2 amps per pair of servo ports.
    Picking the highest torque servo on the page you listed, the stall current is 7.5 amps.

    This servo exceeds all specs for plugging into the REV Expansion Hub.

    You are allowed to use the REV servo power hub. It outputs 6 volts and a maximum of 15 amps total on all channels
    You could legally put a max of 2 of these servos on the power hub. Or one and any combo of others adding up to 15 amps.

    game manual part 1

    rev expansion hub guide

    REV servo power hub

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  • Mythril12906
    started a topic Servocity SAVOX Servos

    Servocity SAVOX Servos

    Are these new servos FTC legal?
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