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Torqunado MAX 3.3 & 5v encoders??

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  • Torqunado MAX 3.3 & 5v encoders??

    According to the spec sheet, the Torqunado MAX motors have both 3.3 and 5v encoders:

    I have the rev expansion board which is 3.3v. Do I need to configure the motors to force them to 3.3v? Or do I just connect them directly to the expansion hub and it will just work? Or something else?

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    They are compatible for both 3.3 and 5v. They simply get connected direct to the REV hub, but the connectors that come with the Torquenado motors are not plug and play. There is an intermediary adapter required that adapts the motor connector to the Rev hub connector. The wire sequence is not the same and the connectors are different.

    You need to have this kit to adapt a Torquenado to the Rev Hub: