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  • Fast continuous Servo

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a continuous rotation servo with high rotational speed?

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    I suggest the VEX EDR 393, but unfortunately it is out of stock. It ships with 100 and 160 RPM gear ratios, with an option to purchase a 240 RPM gear ratio. The torque ratings are 1.67, 1.04, and 0.7 Nm respectively.

    Another advantage of the VEX EDR 393 is that the required Motor Controller 29 allows you to have a short signal wire thus avoiding signal degradation. You can simply extend the red/black power wires if a longer cable run is needed.


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      Agreed - use the Vex 393 motors. The different gear sets give you a number of options. Just buy the extra turbo gears right away.

      Good luck on finding them if you need them quickly. You might be able to find a school or other VEX team nearby that has some you can use while waiting for your order.


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        On this topic, the stall current of the VEX EDR 393 is 4.8A at 7.2 volts. So at 6 volts the stall current would be roughly 4A. The REV Servo Power Module can supply 15A acrooss all channels. I am wondering if anyone would be aware of any technical basis that would allow Buckaroo Banzai to claim that "the Vex 393 motor consumes 1/2 of the power budget for the Servo Power Module."
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