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  • Rev linear & tetris motor

    Has anybody used a tetrix motor with rev linear slide?

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    We use a tetrix rack and pinion system. I believe that is also referred to as a linear slide. If that is what you are talking about, it works well, but it is very finicky. The guides have to be pretty precise for the rack to slide through smoothly. Tetrix has a couple of good videos out about it with some tips. We just added another channel that they talk about in a troubleshooting video to have the guides in two different planes. It still needs a bit of finesse, but seems to work well when the screws are a bit loose that join the two channels together. We're thinking some kind of shim to keep the distance at whatever works best, but that is a work in progress.

    If you are using it to lift the robot, I recommend a worm gear. It is available from Pitsco for around $40 with a 4:1 gear ratio. That is what we are using. Tetrix also has a video for the worm gear. It will stay in place with the power off (placing the robot before initialization). The gear ratio also lifts the robot easily without straining the motor.


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      Tetrix motor should work fine with Rev Linear Slide hardware. Best to use the V2 version of the Rev kit - see
      Start with a small-diameter spool for the lift string so that you do not exceed the torque output of the motor (start with < 1" diameter). You can then try increasing diameter to get more speed.
      Recommend you read Rev guide at