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Tank Tread and/or Drive Train Options

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  • Tank Tread and/or Drive Train Options

    We are having trouble getting into the crater with reliability. I have a few questions about drive train...

    1) We have talked about tank tread options, but aren't sure what will be legal. What do you think about this option?

    If not, any other suggested treads?

    2) We have also talked about some different multi-wheel configurations. If we were to go with a eight wheel system, which wheels would you recommend driving, which wheels would you recommend being "omni wheels", and which wheels would you recommend lowering so that the robot can "rock" back and forth a little bit?

    3) Are these wheels legal? In general, how do I know if an AndyMark wheel is legal or not?

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    Generally above would be legal unless it could damage the field. In ResQ high traction wheels were in common use. The test they devised was to set the robot against the wall then have you drive the robot into the wall for some number of seconds that I forget now. They would see if the wheels damaged the field and make a ruling.

    Game Manual Part 1 <RG01>
    Those used in a Robot drive system that could potentially damage the Playing Field and/or Scoring Elements such as high traction wheels (for example, AM- 2256) and high grip tread (for example, Rough top).

    Black tire marks on an Element is not considered Playing Field damage. However, digging a hole into the Playing Field tiles can be considered damage.

    The Game Manual also has a link to this file -