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powering 5v leds

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  • powering 5v leds

    can a regulator like this be used to power 5v led strips from the core power distribution module?
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    Originally posted by james12 View Post
    can a regulator like this be used to power 5v led strips from the core power distribution module?
    While we always recommend asking these questions in the game forum for an official answer, it doesn't look like you can use any power source or regulator other than what comes with the lights themselves (or at least that's our reading of the rule):

    <RE12> Light Sources - Functional and/or decorative light sources (including LEDs) are allowed with the following constraints:
    a. Focused or directed light sources (for example: lasers and mirrors) are not allowed except for the REV Robotics 2m Distance sensor (REV-31-1505).
    b. Light source control by compatible ports on the REV Expansion Hub and Modern Robotics Core Control Modules is allowed.
    c. Commercial off the Shelf interface modules (without user programmable microprocessors) are allowed between the light source and the components listed in <RE12>b.

    d. The only approved power sources for lights are as follows:
    i. Internal (as supplied by the Commercial off the Shelf manufacturer) battery pack or battery holder.
    ii. Power ports on the Core Power Distribution Module.
    iii. Motor-control ports on the Core Motor Controller Module.
    iv. REV Expansion Hub Motor-control ports, spare XT30 ports, 5V auxiliary power ports, and I2C sensor ports.

    Hope this helps, and good luck this season!
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      how do i ask in the game forum?


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        Originally posted by james12 View Post
        how do i ask in the game forum?

        Note that there should be a mention that the question needs to be posted from the "official" team account (Looks like FTC12345). There used to be instructions about this, posted each year but it doesn't seem to be in the forum this year. Looking in the archives, here's an older posting highlighting how to post for Q&A
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          If you just want to power an LED strips, you can use one of the outputs for motor. Set the power level, probably around 0.35 get output around 5V. Or put LED strips in series in such a way that you can use 12V battery to power the LED strips.