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  • Linear Actuator

    We have a linear actuator on our robot and are having an issue with it when we first power on the robot. As soon as the robot receives power it runs the linear actuator out all of the way. As soon as we initialize our Auto or Tele-Op code it pulls it back to where we want it and it operates correctly. It's just an inconvenience that every time the robot turns on it runs out. It is connect through one of the REV Servo Power Modules since it is a 6V linear actuator. Any suggestions?

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    We have exactly the same thing...annoying. What's really strange is that we have two of them, and it only happens to one. Haven't been able to fix it either. We run all our hardware in a separate class and specifically set the servos to "0" during init, but something happens between selecting the op mode and pushing init that trips them out. If you do find a fix, let me know, okay?