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Vacuum Pump Legality

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  • Vacuum Pump Legality

    My team found a small pump sold by Sparkfun that we want to use, but the rules seem pretty subjective to what is legal and what is not. I found a question answer on the forum that says vacuums are legal as long as they adhere to the rules and do not damage the game elements. Would anyone have any idea whether or not this particular pump, or something like it would be legal? We are aware this pump has a motor which would not be legal, but we are looking for the legality of the diaphragm system it uses to move air.

    Any help or insight is much appreciated.

    Link to Vacuum Pump:

    Link to Forum Question Answer:

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    My thought is that it wouldn't be legal as it looks to be a 12V motor and it is not on the approved list of 12V motors. If you built a vacuum pump from the allowed motor types, then it would be legal.


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      That was our intention. We know that motor isn't legal, but we want to make our own based on that concept with a legal motor. Thanks