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    Hi All,

    We used the Moto G last year, but we are looking at other potential Android devices so I wanted to reach out and see what other teams are using / recommending.


    Charles McKnight

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    We struggled through the end of the season with our original ZTE Speed devices. We will replace them this year, but might wait until the 'official' list comes out in the Game Manual. Not sure which G you were using, as several different G models were allowed, but I don't think I would replace 3rd gen or 4 gen G phones unless there was a specific problem with the phone. 2nd gen G might be worthy of an upgrade.


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      Thanks, I had heard that the ZTE Speed devices were problematic from several local teams. I can wait until we get the "official" devices list, but we were using a 3rd gen Moto G Play.


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        We used 2nd gen G phones last year with out problems.


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          Hmm, the Moto G3 devices are not going to be upgraded to Android 7. Does anyone know if the Moto G4 (other than the G4 Play) is a legal device? Is there someplace (or someone) that I could ask to get an official answer since the game-related forums aren't really open yet?


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            From the game manual released 7/10 these are the legal phones


            Android Devices - The following Android devices are allowed:
            ZTE Speed
            Motorola Moto G 2nd Generation
            Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation
            Motorola Moto G4 Play
            Google Nexus 5
            Samsung Galaxy S5

            Last year the game manual was updated to add phones during the season though.
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              First, thanks for your response. I had seen the list and wondered why it is limited to devices that are 3-4 years old, some of which aren't supported by the current version of Android 7). I'm aware that you can create apps for older versions of Android through Android Studio, but I would think a more open approach to devices would be reasonable, similar to the ruling last year that pretty much allowed any Andymark motors rather than specifying each legal model.

              Just my tuppence . :-)

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