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  • Encoders and Motors

    Hello! My team uses an "arm" to lift up the cubes and everything worked just fine when suddenly our motor broke. We think this was caused by sudden change of power the motor received. Months ago, when we played with encoders, we realized that if we connect the cable so that the cable's colors don't match the colors from the motor controller, the speed of the motor will increase in a progressive way, but we couldn't control how many rotations it will do. (I mean that the motor will get from speed 0 to speed x in seconds, not instantly) Do you know any method by which we can have the same result and be able to set the motor a specific position? Thanks in advance!

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    If we consider that the speed gets from 0 to x in 0 seconds, then:
    If we are looking at this from a mathematical perspective, on the graph with time on the X axis and speed on the Y axis, the function speed (time) should be a continuous function.