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Legal to modify a Logitech F310 controller for FTC competition?

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  • Legal to modify a Logitech F310 controller for FTC competition?

    My team has a robot with an articulated arm. Two servos in the shoulder (azimuth and elevation), one in the elbow, one in the wrist, and one that opens and closes the gripper claw.

    Controlling this beast with a game pad is tricky. It would be better if we could simply build another arm, half size maybe, with a potentiometers instead of servos in each joint. Wire the pots into the game controller where its own pots are, and then I can program it so that, when I grasp the "hand" on the half-size arm and move it, it moves the pots, whose signals then move the respective servos in the articulated arm.

    The 2017-2018 game manual (Vol. 1) doesn't say much about modifying the game controller. Section 8.2.1 names the controllers under "Driver Station", and the restriction under 8.3.1 don't seem to apply to this kind of modification.

    Does anyone know if such a thing would be legal for an FTC competition?
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    For an official answer, ask in the Official Q&A portion of the forum that is now open.

    You could probably do something like this for outside of competition, but only the COTS controllers can be use inside competition..
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