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Entanglement during the play of a match

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  • Entanglement during the play of a match

    During one of our recent league meet matches, a robot had a small aluminium arm hanging off it attached to a servo on its the robot. That dangling piece caught in our wheels and we could not move around because we were stuck together. We were trying to break free from it when the ref told us we had to stop moving. Later he explained that he feared that we were going to break it off and cause damage. The question is, if the opposing team is the one that caused the entanglement, should we have to stop our robot from breaking the piece off? Our league head ref said that it would have been deliberate damage and we would have got major penalties. We felt that we should not have to stop our robot since we are just trying to break free and continue in our match.

    Please explain the penalties acquired by the other team and what should be done in that situation.

    Thanks, SABOTAGE

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    If you want an official answer, you need to ask an official question. What I say below is an opinion, not an answer.

    I think the ref did you a big favor.

    Intentionally attempting to continue to move when entangled such that either robot or the playing field could be damaged should indeed be penalized if damage occurs to the other robot or the field, and even if no damage occurs could warrant a penalty, and certainly does not represent gracious professionalism. You may wish to re-examine your understanding of that principle. It also does not represent respect for your own team members and your robot.

    Unless the other robot intentionally deployed their arm and drove it into your robot intentionally, they should receive no penalties. If done intentionally, or if they otherwise specifically violated a rule of the game, then they should receive a penalty. If not done intentionally, it represented a situation on the field which your team failed to avoid - no different than running into anything else.