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Leagues and new Ranking Point/Tie Breaking Point reporting

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  • Leagues and new Ranking Point/Tie Breaking Point reporting

    The new method for reporting ranking points and tie breaking point is to present the average. How will this work in the League System? Before, at the league championship, the ten best matches was the starting point. So if a team played 10 match and won 9 and lost 1, they started with 18 ranking points while a team that only played five matches and went 5-0 started with 10 ranking points. In the new system, the team that played 10 matches will start at 1.8 RP while the team that played 5 matches will start at 2.0 RP.

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    As a league manager, I second this question! A team could win 5 matches at their first event and no-show the rest of the league events, and end up with a 2 RP average. However, they would still need to play in the league championship qualifying matches, and a loss there would hurt them a lot more than a team that had played more matches (due to their denominator being a lower number of total matches). So maybe it takes care of itself.

    One way to handle this (and the TBP issue) would be to implement FRC-like bonus RPs.
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      Let me hazard an unofficial opinion. The average is mostly for display purposes, so that the audience can tell how things are shaking out at all times, not just in the perfect moment when one round has completed and the next has not started. In the league scenario, if the best 10 matches are the criteria, I think the team that only had 5 perfect matches also gets 5 losses to round out their 10 required matches, bringing the average down to 1.


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        What makes sense to me is that the average has to encompass all meets where the score was originally summed.
        In our area we have 2 league meets and an interleague meet where the ranking points was the sum of all three. In the new system the first league meet has the divisor of 5, the 2nd a divisor of 10, and the third a divisor of 15.

        So in the OP's scenario the hypothetical team would have a score of 2 the first meet and 1 the second meet, and interleague will have the same weight as in the previous system.


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          Except for the numbering, the section of Game Manual Part I which discusses leagues is the same as last year, and it gives the Affiliate Partner a lot of flexibility:

          5.2 Meets and League Play
          A League Meet is a one-field competition that uses the same field and game as other tournaments. Teams may take part in as few or as many League Meets as they choose but competing in more improves a Teams League ranking. Some standard tournament guidelines may be adapted for those regions that participate in the League format. Teams should contact their Affiliate Partner for more information about the scheduling, structure, advancement, and processes that are unique to the League/Meet in their region.
          The proposal by NEOFTC sounds pretty good - I will suggest it to my region's Affiliate Partner.
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