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Raised platform for the playing field at the World Championship in Houston?

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  • Raised platform for the playing field at the World Championship in Houston?

    Our team is advancing to the World Championship in Houston! We are very excited and look forward to going, along with about 5,000,000,000,000 new ideas for improvement to the robot!

    I saw a post mentioning a raised platform at the Houston World Championship last year. Is that the norm? Will that be the case for this year?

    It would be very nice to know beforehand, so we can practice the way the field will be set up. I do not recall seeing anything in the game manual related to a raised platform.

    Thank you in advance for any clarification.

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    We noticed the lighting might be a little dim at Houston, but the fields were not really raised, except possibly the final field at the baseball field (but only the final teams go there). At our tournament, dim lighting affected some teams' camera programs, just a tip.


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      Hey Mentor 777, I posted that last year right after Houston. The fields were raised for the finals at Minute Maid stadium. While we weren't playing, I was shocked watching from the stands that the field setup was changed from the rest of the season. I don't have a login to ask a question about this in the rules part of the forum, but I just sent a note requesting a login to post an official question about this issue. My position is that the field should be just like regular competitions. Seems obvious to me.


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        They raised the field for detroit finals as well. It completely changes the dynamic of the game due to visibility. It is much harder to play this game with a raised field and I hope they consider not raising it for this upcoming worlds.


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          Finally got around to posting a question about this to get an official ruling. Even though only 12 teams will be playing at Minute Maid and Ford Field, it needs to be clarified.