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    I was wondering if there would be a way that the Scoring Breakdown of matches would be available during a tournament that we attend. The problem is that my team has a fairly advanced scouting system (OPR, CCWM and a couple metrics of our own invention), and we would like to be able to tell roughly how many points a given team scores in the autonomous or teleop. At all the tournaments we have been to, the matches are shown on a TV just outside the competition area, but all that tells is final score (no penalties or breakdown). Would it be permissible to go the the table where they enter scores and ask for a copy of the scores? Alternatively, is there a method whereby we can obtain these breakdowns? We know they are available because they appear on a few days after the tournament. Thanks!

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    Some affiliate partners choose to use the live uploaders from theorangealliance or ftcscores to provide live results online to teams. Other affiliate partners (e.g., missouri, pennfirst, iowa) have their own custom uploaders that provide live results on their sites.

    ftcscores also provides live OPR calculations. The free android Event Viewer for FTC2018 app can also take live results from ftcscores, theorangealliance, and some affiliate sites and compute live OPRs and match predictions.

    If you want to have these results, you should graciously and professionally ask your affiliate partner if they'd be willing to run one of these uploaders on their scoring system computer in the background. Some may be willing, others may not. There is no requirement for them to do so (sadly, imho). Live result reporting also requires internet availability at the event, which some events have and some do not.

    Good luck!