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  • ESD/Static

    There has been huge progress made in resolving the ESD problem by developing a frame grounding method for the robot power circuits. The published testing document proves this. The testing document however, describes only the use of ferrites for suppression of ESD on the signal lines. Why are we not grounding the signal commons/grounds to the frame? There are age old methods to properly tie electrically isolated systems to the same electrical common point. There should be at least an attempt made in the next series of ESD reduction studies to test this concept.

    The testing document makes no mention of the problem of built up residue when using anti-static sprays. I have seen tiles stuck to the wheels of robots during elimination matches. It definitely changes robot speed and battery discharge rates.

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    I think that all the RevHub returns are tied to the negative battery lead, so bonding the negative battery lead to the frame would bond the signal returns to the frame too. I will double check an actual rev hub.