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  • FTC as a class?

    My school is considering making an FTC class. One hour a day is a short period of time, but it's better than nothing. We have a hard time working with student athletes and this might be an interesting compromise. We will also have longer Saturday practices. We were wondering if any schools have tried this. If so, how did it work out?

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    I've seen a few that have done this. One that I recall from last year actually changed from being a class for credit (not sure how that worked) to an optional after school thing, and enrollment went way down to 3 members. It seemed more successful that students got credit for it and had more participation. There is a group on facebook called FTC Share and Learn that has quite a few teachers posting, I would also ask on there if you have an account.


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      Awesome! Thanks


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        Our team is a class in an alternative school. It meets twice a week for 2 hours each class. The years that the team is highly competitive are when the students ask for scheduled times after hours and weekends, and also come in during the day when they don't have other classes.
        The teacher started this class a couple of years before I became involved as a mentor the year of Ring it Up, that was when my children started taking the class. I think my children benefited quite a bit from the class, and I have received positive feedback from several parents over the years.


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          Yes, I am a teacher/ coach that incorporates FTC in a credited class. We meet 6 hrs a week during school hours and I open up lunch workshops and a few afterschool optional meeting times. Works great and huge involvement.


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            I'd suggest this thread might be better off if moved over to the "coaches" section...?

            My opinion is, this could work well BUT it really depends what kind of students and involvement you are looking for.
            If you want a broad appeal that any student can join, then it could be difficult because of conflicts with other potential classes (e.g. would lower classmen have enough free credits to join? what about band/chorus students etc?) I suspect that you would end up with mostly 11-12th grade students.
            But that in itself isn't such a bad thing - I'd imagine a team of 14 upper classmen who can get 6 hours a week, plus "homework" time, going August through June would be very competitive.
            Clearly it would be better as a broader "Applied robotics" class that covers all principles and just uses FTC as a model application space.

            Slightly related - we are a non-school "community" team that draws students from all over the county. We have several who are homeschoolers, and I believe they are using their FTC robotics time as part of their coursework. That's a great fit IMO.