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Technical question on 18 inch cube starting requirement

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  • Technical question on 18 inch cube starting requirement

    I understand that the robot must fit within an 18 inch cube to start. For last year's competition, the testing of this was easy. Judges simply put a box with the correct dimensions over the robot to see if it qualified.

    This year, however, that does not seem to be as easy if the robot begins the round "latched to the Lander." Since the robot must be at least 4 inches off the floor and the latch is 22 inches from the floor, will the judges simply have a 4 inch object to slide under the robot to test for compliance with the 18 inch rule?

    Since the robot will be hanging, there is a large possibility that the robot will be slightly skewed in one direction or another. If the width of the robot is precisely 18 inches when vertical, then it would be slightly more than 18 inches wide if measured with a box, similar to last year, with a perfectly vertical orientation.

    So, it would be nice to know how the earthlings will be testing this requirement now in the beginning stages of the process to make sure that we fulfill the requirement in a way that is obvious and unambiguous.

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    I think the box still works. The 18 + 4 = 22 assumes the latch is at the absolute top of the machine. I would assume that the latch would be near the top but not necessarily at the apex. Just remember that the latch (whatever that might look like) must be in the 18" cube and the lowest part of the robot (whatever part that may be) must be at least 4" from the playing surface.

    Remember this is not official and is only an opinion...