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SDK release date and content?

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  • SDK release date and content?

    I know that the FTC staff is really busy with the season starting up, but it would be really helpful to have a solid idea of when we can expect the updated SDK, and what new content it will have. In the past, it seems that an SDK update (at least beta) has been released at or prior to kick-off.
    I was told that this year, the SDK would be ~1 week after kick-off (apparently announced in an FTC show last week).
    Can you share the current release plan and rough draft release notes?
    Will there be more to the SDK updates than just UVC camera support and the resource files for the Rover Ruckus images?
    Michigan qualifier tournaments start 8 weeks after kick-off, and we work middle school students. So delays have particular impact.
    Thanks again for all your work FTC staff.