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Houston Championship 2019 - resolving conflicts with Easter / Holy Week

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  • Houston Championship 2019 - resolving conflicts with Easter / Holy Week

    Hi there, FTC staff,

    (posting here in hopes for a response -- seems to be a dead email address).

    I was looking at the championship schedule for 2019, and the Houston championship falls during Holy Week (the week before Easter, with Easter also being a travel day for the teams who attend).

    Our teams are based out of a Catholic school, and we are prohibited from competing that week. I know other teams who have the same situation. For instance, we also compete in FRC, and our school is only two miles from the Oklahoma Regional venue, but we've had to go out-of-state to compete in FRC instead of competing locally the last three years because it has been right before Easter and we're not allowed to compete that week.

    Are their any plans for teams to be able to switch championships next year in the event they qualify and cannot compete on Easter?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

    FTC 4962 / 3638
    FLL 11 / 21 / 9293

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    Hello BSV,

    We have not entirely worked out the details about the Championship events, but, I think it is unlikely that we will be able to allow teams their choice of event. I think any decisions we make will be organization wide, but I have not yet heard an official word on this topic.

    I'm sorry.



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      Thank you for the reply.

      Don Bossi's answer at the partners conference was that they would work with teams on a case by case basis, which sounds like the best answer to me. We've already confirmed with our school that if any of our teams qualify they will not be allowed to attend the Houston Championship. I don't like to see kids put in this situation for a bureaucratic problem that should have a simple solution.
      FTC 4962 / 3638
      FLL 11 / 21 / 9293