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Recognition for Seniors at Closing Ceremony

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  • Recognition for Seniors at Closing Ceremony

    Following our recent State Championship, I threw an idea out to some other volunteers regarding the Seniors, many of whom had just played their last Match as a member of a Team. There are few things as tragic as the look on some of their faces as it sinks in. My idea was to take a moment at Closing Ceremonies to recognize the Seniors for all of their hard work and dedication, maybe having them stand up for a round of applause, and perhaps even have them all come down for one last run through the high five line.

    It was just an idea, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if it got any takers, unless of course people are already doing it. Especially after a State Championship or Super Regional, the disappointment of not advancing can make having played your last match that much worse, and something like this could definitely go a long way to ending their time as a Team member on a positive note. After everything they've been through, I just think it would be a great way of reminding them that even though they may no longer be on a Team, they'll always be a part of this.