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  • Update Event Results more frequently

    Our team found the Event Results published on FIRST web site very helpful for our scouting purposes. We could easily see how team performed in the competition. I am sure the more advanced user could probably build an analytic tool to slice and dice the data more deeper.

    I am not sure how the data was collected, it seemed that not all FTC events were tracked and published, and the data was only up to 1/17/2016.

    It would be great if this data can be updated on weekly basis till the season ends.

    FTC 9915

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    I struggle with why this is not possible or their isn't a place to where we can access match results for all tournaments. All tournaments have to submit their results that are produced from the scoring software to FIRST.


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      Hmmm. This data set is a great start. Too bad it is horribly out of date. MN qualifiers started in early November, and there isn't any data in the spreadsheet from MN at all.

      - The Lazybotts.


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        All Florida results have been posted at Or via link on