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  • Problems with Modern Robotics

    Hi everyone, please add anything that you have problems with, either with Modern Robotics’ Modules, or with their customer service.

    We really dislike the Modern Robotics electronics system, and their customer service. We all agree the modules are badly designed, often faulty, and easily broken. Here are some problems with them:

    The core power module has connections on 4 different sides, leaving only 2 sides that can be close up to a structural element. This is a large problem in compact robots.

    The connection type used (USB) is a bad choice, for several reasons.

    The USB connectors are very bulky and take up a lot of space
    The USB Mini and Micro connections are easily worn out and become unreliable

    If the Core Power Module is powered with reverse polarity, a chip inside blows, rendering it useless. This could have been prevented with a single rectifier diode on the negative power line.

    The Core Power Module comes with a Tamiya connector on the battery cable, instead of the Anderson PowerPole connectors that the rest of the Modules use.

    Once FTC teams replace them with Anderson PowerPole connectors, Modern Robotics refuses to take them back for repair, claiming that the warranty was voided, even though the FTC teams were unable to test the module before they put the Anderson PowerPole connectors on.

    Core Power Modules that have been returned with Anderson PowerPole connectors, to be repaired by Modern Robotics, have not been returned by Modern Robotics after they have notified the teams that the warranty was voided.

    The Modules are extremely overpriced, especially since they so often are unreliable.

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    In response to your final claim, I have yet to find an instance where the modern robotics system proved unrealiable.

    And, in response to their being overpriced, I find that the module is $90. not cheap, but it is very reasonable compared to the NXT system of yesteryear, which I have found to cost over $300.

    All that being said, I may not be pessimistic enough.

    5611, The Robo bears.


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      Originally posted by Robobears5611 View Post
      In response to your final claim, I have yet to find an instance where the modern robotics system proved unrealiable.
      LOL. Have you read this 32 page thread?


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        Nope. and I don't think I want to.

        I really love my fancy wording in that quote contrasting with your amazing vocabulary.

        And yes, I did just use the word vocabulary. and contrast.

        I think I should stop typing