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Need suggestions of best way to deal with a video catastrophe

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  • Need suggestions of best way to deal with a video catastrophe

    I'm new to FTC this year, not sure what the best way to handle this issue is so I wanted to ask your opinions.

    As you know, videos were due Sunday evening. Our team had a lot of hours put into the video. We submitted it like we were required after receiving the URL from YouTube when you upload it. All the kids were going to watch the video tonight to see the final version of it. When we went to show them, the link didn't work. It said, "Video still processing. Please check back later." YIKES!! Here is the URL

    Our robot can be a 300 point robot, its got huge potential -- It hangs during end game, it climbs great, it has autonomous functions, it will score cubes etc etc... But I've been told, if we would not have submitted the video that its likely to prevent the robot from competing at the state level and beyond because the video is that important. This robot and the kids that worked on the video all week should not be penalized for a YouTube technical glitch. We have uploaded it again and have a newer URL, its just not the one on the website that had to be submitted.

    Anyone have any ideas on how we may be able to resolve this? Lesson learned though... we will provide a URL in the future where we have more control over the URL and the video. With YouTube you never get the same URL twice when you upload a video. Supposedly with Vimeo and other video services you can retain a URL and upload or re-process a video. Thanks so much for your time and our fingers are crossed... We would love the opportunity to compete with the other great robots this season.

    Team #8996 // Pink Fluffy Bunnies
    Scott // Mentor

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    Using videos as a step in the process of advancement to the state championship is not a national policy. Please contact your state affiliate partner immediately. I sincerely hope they give you a break.
    League championships seem to be what FIRST is pushing for FRC and now FTC. I'm sure it works in some areas with lots of teams close together. However, this debacle just once again points out that the subjective judged awards have too much weight in advancement.


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      Its been resolved in a positive way. Thanks