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Using FTC in AP-Computer Science Principles class

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  • Using FTC in AP-Computer Science Principles class

    I'm implementing AP-CSP in our small school next year and would like to integrate FTC as the primary project, if possible. Are there other teams already doing this?

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    This isn't an answer to your question, but...

    If it would be of any help, you could try this FTC Programming 2D Simulator from FTC Team 8397:

    It has three simple robot configurations (two-wheeled, 4-Mechanum wheel, and X-Drive) that you write op modes for, to operate DC Motors, Servo, Gyro, Color Sensor, and Distance Sensors, telemetry, and one gamepad. Adding additional robot configurations is more involved than writing op modes, but still not terribly complicated. Since the video was posted, we have modified the project to use a real gamepad (just plug it in to the computer), instead of the "virtual gamepad" shown on the video. If you try it and have any issues with it, feel free to post to our github repository.