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Scoring system WiFi Setup for teams to access event information

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  • Scoring system WiFi Setup for teams to access event information

    Hello all,

    As many of you know the FTC Scoring software has the ability to host http access over a wireless network for the teams. It can provide teams with a lot of useful information including schedules and match information. Since many of us probably have E1200 routers no longer in use, I thought we might be able to come up with a recommended configuration. Either that or decide that maybe using the E1200 is not such a good idea.

    I have one working fine, but I must admit I have no idea how, or even if, it is secure. That's what I'd like to hear from the router experts. Can we set up the E1200 to be reasonably secure at an event? My greatest fear would be someone being able to disrupt the scoring system so we lose all the generated matches and results during an event.

    I've posted some screen shots of the router's configuration on Google drive. You can assume it will be an isolated network. The basic router setup information for http access can be found in the Scoring System Guide, appendix B on the FTC volunteer resources page.

    If you have some expertise in the area of wireless security, please take a look at the settings and please share your recommendations. If you need more information, please ask.